This page addresses in detail all the common queries that you may have regarding usage, navigation of this portal, why it is beneficial and how to leverage it.

By registering on this portal, you become a Natural Diamond Council’s ambassador, and get exclusive access to our latest campaign collaterals and information about natural diamonds. These collaterals range from in-store displays, to direct communication that can be sent to customers. NDC encourages all its ambassadors to utilize these collaterals to its fullest, as dictated by terms and conditions.

Any retail brand in the business of natural diamond jewellery with at least one retail outlet, can sign up to be a NDC ambassador. Our partners work in collaboration with us in growing the natural diamond industry through various initiatives, in turn increasing footfalls in their stores.

  • Sign-up on this website
  • Allow us 5 working days to verify your credentials and get back to you.

If you fulfill the following criteria, you can sign-up/register on this portal and send in your request to become an ambassador

  • A retail brand in the business of Natural Diamond jewellery
  • Has at least one physical (not online) outlet
  • Do not sell lab-grown Diamonds in under the same brand name as Natural Diamond Jewellery brand

Once you register on this portal, NDC will verify all the information you’ve submitted. This process usually takes five working days. Once the information has been verified, you will receive an email from NDC updating you on your request.

Your request will only get rejected if any of the information you’ve provided is incorrect or has discrepancies. If this happens, you can write to us at to discuss the details of your request and possibly reverse the decision.

This portal houses all the collaterals that are part of the on-going initiatives from Natural Diamond Council. You will also find extensive information about natural diamonds here. You are free to use all these assets to promote natural diamond jewellery sales in your stores.

On the portal, you’ll find a mix of print and digital assets. Some are in the form of posters, standees and tent cards that can be used for in-store branding. While others are videos and images that can be shared with the customers directly.

Currently, we offer posters for in-store display, and videos which can either be shared with customers directly, or be played in-stores provided you have the required facilities.

Some of the content we provide can also be used on your digital platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

No, retailers who are not NDC ambassadors will not be able to access these collaterals. A retailer becomes a NDC ambassador if they sign up on this portal and their request is accepted, post verification.

Yes. Once you become a NDC ambassador you get free access to all the collaterals on this portal. We also offer free customization for some of the available creatives.

Once you are officially a NDC ambassador, you can log in to the portal. From there, select a creative you need. Once selected a customization option will appear, where you can define the size of the creative, the logo etc. Once you’ve customized your creative, add it to your cart and complete the purchase. We will then e-mail you the final creative you selected.

No, you cannot directly download these collaterals since they are of very low-resolution.

In order to print or share digital collaterals with you consumers, you will need the high-resolution versions of the creatives you’ve select. These will be created from our end and mailed across to you.

Once you’ve selected and customized your collaterals, NDC will work on the creatives accordingly. The high-resolution files of the same will be sent to you via email in seven working days. For in-store posters, NDC will send you the high-resolution soft copies of the creatives. You can then go on to get it printed from your end. While you won’t be able to make any changes to the creatives, you can select the paper quality and printing mechanism based on your preference.

No, you may not make changes to the collaterals from your end. If you require any customization beyond what is available on the website, drop us a mail at and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

No. The rights for each collateral are different. Be sure to read the do’s and don’ts of individual collaterals, before adding it to your cart, so that you choose the ones that suit your specific requirement. E.g. once you receive a high-resolution creative of an in-store poster, you cannot resize it from your end to use it as a hoarding.

All the collaterals which are available on the portal can used for as long as you like, but only in the medium/s specified for each. Please do not use it across mediums as this would be violating image rights and can come a legal issue.

Yes. You may use them in as many branches as you want. But, only for the intended purpose of the collateral. For instance, a poster can only be used as a poster of the same size, in all your branches. In case you need different sizes for different branches, you may customize individual creatives accordingly, on the portal itself.

If you require a specific size that is not available on the portal, you may write to us at and we will get back to you within 48 hours.

Only specific creatives can be shared on the social media platforms. You can also upload the images and/or videos on your social media if you like, but it is mandatory to tag NDC in all your social media posts across Insta, FB and Youtube.

It depends on what you prefer. You can surely use one creative/collateral across all your stores. However, if you want to use a combination of multiples – that is also not a problem.

No, unfortunately open files cannot be shared with the NDC ambassadors, and all customization will be done from our end. Also, we do not have the rights to allow the use of creatives across different media aside from the intended one. For instance, in-store creatives may not be adapted to print ads or hoardings.

No. The collaterals are only available in English

NDC collaterals may be showcased only in English. However, in exceptional cases a translated version may be available. But this is not guaranteed. In case of a requirement, you may write to us at

NDC provides fantastic PR opportunities to all its ambassadors, free of cost. Which includes extensive coverage of their natural diamond jewellery in both traditional and digital media.


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This is not possible currently, but we are in the process of setting up a system to facilitate the same. For more information on this, please write to

If you are interested in collaborating to launch a digital campaign with NDC, please write to us at and we will get back to you within 48 hours to discuss.

No, unfortunately not. If you do like any of our posts, we encourage you to repost the same as long as you tag NDC each time you do so.