The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) aims at inspiring and informing consumers globally about the values and heritage of natural diamonds, and increasing the desirability of natural diamonds. NDC also works to support the integrity of the natural diamond industry, providing transparency, and insight on the ethics, sustainability and progress of this sector.

The world around us is changing, giving us all a chance to take a look at the present; and truly take stock of the kind of future we want to shape. One based on the foundations of hope, strength and resilience. One where every action we take today lends meaning to our tomorrows and takes us farther on our journey to create a little more beauty in the world, than that which existed before us.

Over the years, the Forevermark forum has been an integral part of this conversation – setting the standard for the diamond industry and giving its leaders and stakeholders a platform to meet and discuss not only the state of the world as we know it but an opportunity to shape a future that sparks more meaningful tomorrows for the generations to follow.

FM lounge
One DeBeers Zone
FM Manufactuers Diamontaires Booth

In our endeavour to better the industry and collectively build meaningful tomorrows, we have joined hands with the Annual Forevermark Forum 2020.

NDC invites you to be a part of the discussion to build ourselves a meaningful future. Join us at the ForeverMark Forum. This year, for the first time ever the Forum has gone virtual and has been reinvented to suit the changing global landscape.

To register for the forum please write to or call 080 4718 6644.

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