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Diamond Producers Association (DPA) is an international alliance of the world’s leading Natural Diamond mining companies who are united in their commitment to best-in-class ethical, sustainable operations and transparent business practices.

We are the only body that is working towards collaborating with retailers to grow the Natural Diamond industry. We also offer relevant content on Natural Diamonds across various traditional and digital media platforms, for retailers to leverage. Through our extensive PR coverage in leading magazines and digital platforms, we extend a unique opportunity to Natural Diamond jewellery retailers to showcase their collections at no cost.

The purpose of this portal is to give retailers the opportunity to register with us and become DPA ambassadors. Once you are an ambassador, it confirms your determination and commitment in partnering with us on this journey to grow the Natural Diamond industry and your own business in these challenging times.

Together, let’s build the magnificent Natural Diamond dream.


Once you are registered as a DPA ambassador, you get …

  1. A chance to collaborate with the only body working towards the growth of the Natural Diamond industry. In turn, helping with relevant information and content for the end customers.
  2. Unlimited, free access to this portal, which imparts knowledge, shares interesting facts and collaterals, which will help tell a story to sell the luxurious Natural Diamond dream to customers.
  3. To leverage the DPA collaterals with *ZERO INVESTMENT on your part.
  4. A chance to showcase your Natural Diamond jewellery in our ad films, PR coverage (traditional, digital), social media platforms and other premium fashion & lifestyle platforms.

*Any printable collaterals will be customized and sent to you in a printable format so that you can print it at your end as per your paper choice and preferred printing style.

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