The Natural Diamond Council (NDC) released its first independent research report on the impact of natural diamond mining on local communities, employees and the environment. This report is the world’s first comprehensive analysis of the contributions of NDC Members, examining socio-economic and environmental benefits and impacts.

Data from Trucost, an independent research company that is part of S&P Global, reveals more than US$16 billion in net socio-economic and environmental benefits linked to the activities of NDC Members. The report finds that the vast majority of these benefits are infused into communities through local employment, sourcing of goods and services, taxes and royalties, social programs and infrastructure investment. The report also uncovers that NDC Members pay employees and contractors on average 66% above national average salaries and that companies focus extensively on employee training to ensure a highly-skilled workforce.


Despite significant progress toward more accountability over the past 15 years, the current reality of the natural diamond mining sector remains largely unknown. This report provides access into a highly scrutinized, yet largely misunderstood sector.


What’s in it for you?:

As representatives of the natural diamond industry, it is critical to understand and disseminate the numerous positives of natural diamonds. Besides the known information on the contribution of this sector on India’s GDP, it is helpful to understand the positive socio-economic and environmental impact of natural diamond mining. Having access to this data will improve your knowledge of the industry, and help you become truly informed ambassadors of natural diamonds amongst both trade & consumers. The highlights of the report can be shared with your sales staff, enabling them to close a sale as they educate consumers of all the benefits of purchasing their new natural diamonds.

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